Level 2 BCATS - 2021

Resources for the reviewed Level 2 BCATS student and teacher resources are being added as they are finalised. As of 12/01/21, the two remaining sets are for 24361 (Maths) and 31511 (DKO BCATS industries). These will be uploaded to both sites before the beginning of the school year.

For each unit standard, these resources include:

  • Student resource
  • Teacher/tutor resource
  • Assessment Schedule
  • Assessor Observation Sheet
  • Learner Self-reflection sheet(s), if applicable. (These were formerly called 'activity sheets'.)
  • Knowledge Assessment sheet(s), if applicable. (These were formerly called 'worksheets'.)

Templates of a cutting list, order form, and Level 2 Work Diary are available in the 'Level 2 Generic Resources' folder.  These are not also included in each of the set of resources that require and/or recommend their use.

As per long-standing practice, model answers are not provided for the Learner Self-reflection sheets. These are intended to support students' learning and to provide them with confidence in the knowledge already gained as they work their way through their learning programme. They can also be a good opportunity for students to discuss their answers and learn from each other. Any disagreements about what is the correct answer could be found by student referring to their student resource and/or calling upon what you have additionally taught them.

Model answers for the Knowledge Assessment Sheets, which do contribute to a final assessment decision, will be available to verified secondary school teachers and tertiary education tutors through logging onto www.mybcito.nz. If you have not already registered, please do so here: https://bcito.org.nz/educators/

Please direct any feedback on these resources to: [email protected]